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Dr. James Doty: Science of Compassion

“While science and technology offer great hope to cure various ills, the cures I have seen are equally associated with the art of medicine. There is no science or technology that will hold or comfort a child in pain or comfort the dying. It is human touch and connection that is equally if not more powerful than all the science and technology in the world.

“My greatest wish is that by each of our actions, we create a “meme” of compassion that permeates our world and by doing so decreases suffering. That instead of reacting to negative behavior by, for example, spending billions on weapons to destroy lives, we are proactive and spend billions to improve lives.

“Each of us has the ability regardless of our wealth or stature in this world to do an act every day that will relieve another’s and tell them they are valued and you recognize their dignity.

“Those actions above are what will offer the greatest support of my work.”

Dr. James Doty: Science of Compassion was last updated February 10th, 2016 by Mike Schleif

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