Cars & motorcycles fill the streets of Fuzhou, China

10 Things I Noticed While Traveling in China

While Jinna and I traveled in between January 1 and January 18, several observations struck me about this other side of my world.  Cultural differences are remarkable, if for no other reason than my life as I lived it is immersed in gradual, glacial change.  What is happening in China is no glacial drift; rather, change comes to China in swift bursting trends, the effect of which is transforming life quicker than I assimilated these same changes.

On January 15, 2015 I created the following list in my journal:

  1. has a affair with cars similar to the US during the 1960s
  2. There are nearly equal numbers of cars and motorcycles on the streets, and almost no more bicycles
  3. Most of the cars are sparkling clean; but, I didn’t see even one formal car wash business
  4. Everywhere I turned in Fuzhou, hundreds of buildings are under construction
  5. About half of the large buildings under construction appear to have had no activity for several months or more
  6. Everywhere I turned in Guilin, dozens of roads are under construction
  7. Although appears cleaner than Fuzhou, in general, Chinese cities are dirtier than US cities
  8. Crazy as Chinese driving appears, with horns blaring and little heed to lights and pedestrians, I saw only one accident and did not see more than a couple cars with appreciable damage
  9. Where I went there were few foreigners; but, most Chinese noticed me, and older, white American with a felt fedora and many greeted me with English, Hello!
  10. Although, most places I traveled were dusty, I had no problems breathing easily and did not notice appreciable smog and pollution.

All in all, this trip was eye opening and I want to return to around Thanksgiving this year.

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