10 Manifest Things About Me, Good Times or Bad

My Manifesto: 10 Manifest Things About Me, Good Times or Bad

I resolve that the following ten personal intentions will manifest my commitment to a resolute life.
Life is replete with good moments and bad times. Regardless the quality of my immediate situation, I pledge to strive to live these ten intentions before all else. Being human is to be fallible and imperfect. Although, I will sometimes fail to fully complete all of these tasks all of the time, these are my intentions:

  1. I treat everybody as if it’s their last day alive – We all crave justice
  2. I spend time with people from whom I can learn and who may learn from me – They’re with me for a reason, which I may never know
  3. I do things that make me laugh and I try to do things that make others laugh, too – evens life’s extraordinariness
  4. I delight in the stories people tell me – Visualizing stories shows me the value in other people’s lives
  5. I listen without needing to respond – I listen more when others are in pain and need a listener more than else
  6. Without expecation, I choose to help those around me needing help – I exceed all expectations
  7. It’s not my business what others think of me – I avoid needing permission for anything
  8. I give away everything everywhere inside me – I avoid constipating life
  9. I always seek new things for which I will be grateful
  10. I step out of my comfort zone every day – The further away I step, the closer, more connected I am to others

By publishing this manifesto, I hold the world at large responsible for keeping me on task. Expect that I behave as I intend and I will manifest a better person. One more better in this world makes this world a better place for all of us.
I encourage all who read this to also write and publish their own personal manifesto. Who among you will not benefit from stating their good intentions?

My Manifesto: 10 Manifest Things About Me, or Bad was last updated February 1st, 2015 by Mike Schleif

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