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Ajahn Brahm: Why Practice Self Compassion?

“And that gives you so much compassion, so it takes away the hurt which you feel and you notice the hurt that they feel, why they are so difficult to you. So it’s actually empathysing with the other person, taking the pain away from yourself, ‘why do I have to deal with that person’ and get an idea of what they are going through in their head and their mind and their life. And some of these people, if they are that difficult to you, and you?re an ordinary person, imagine, they probably got no friends, noone they can really relate to, because they are just such an incredibly difficult character to live with, they?re so lonely.

“So that actually arouses a bit of compassion to such people. When you have compassion towards such people, your endurance levels go up enourmously, you can actually bear with dealing with such difficult people, coz you know they are not going to be around for long. They?re going to walk out from your office, or they are going to go home to somebody else. And if you can?t escape from them, you can always come on a retreat in my monastery, or the Dhammasara Monastery, there?s always some place you can go away. So that?s one thing you can do.”

Ajahn Brahm: Why Practice Self Compassion? was last updated February 10th, 2016 by Mike Schleif

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